The Uvonix Tracking Database Application is designed to serve the special requirements of On-Line schools that have most of their students learning from home.

The home environment, especially with young children present, is much more demanding on the computer equipment than is a typical office atmosphere.  This results in a more frequent need to troubleshoot and replace equipment, all the while keeping track of the location and serviceability of each computer, monitor, printer, scanner, etc.

This requires an effective Help Desk with the ability to simultaneously document the steps that occur during the troubleshooting process and to track the responsible adults, as well as the equipment currently assigned to them.  The current status of all equipment is also required for annual audits in most states.
Integrated Help Desk Support and Asset Tracking Database
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Ticket Process
Equipment Process
Overview of Integrated Help Desk Support and Asset Tracking Database
Browser based integrated helpdesk ticket tracking and equipment asset tracking

Barcode scanning and printing

Customer tracking

Asset tracking

Asset Shipping

Users and permissions

Email Integration (optional)

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